Farmer's Markets in Tenerife

At Los Roques we like to use fresh local produce. You couldn't ask for more fresh or local that what is in the farmer's markets scattered throughout the island. The markets are run by municipalities that allow different farmers in each area to sell what they grow directly to the public.

Here we follow Sebastian on one of his regular trips to a market near Los Roques: the Mercado del Agricultor de San Miguel de Abona located in Las Chafiras.

As head chef, Seba, likes to go as often as possible. “I like it because I can talk to farmers and ask them what products they have this season, and they suggest other vegetables or herbs. Best of all is that I can choose the product that I think best for our customers; the freshest and best quality, and that is the main thing” Seba says.

“Products from the usual hotel and restaurant suppliers can be weeks old, especially importe../../../../../css/em___8221.css; Freshness is essential in every dish. “For example, our grilled vegetable salad, would not be as good if we use importe../../../../../en/2011/08/los-mercados-del-agricultor-de-tenerife/blog_subdomain/d products.__8221.css;

There is an impressive variety of fruits, vegetables and herbs available, and you'll often see new things.

As a regular customer Sebastian has built a good relationship with many of the farmers. Tehy tell him what's new and what may be of interest. “I like when farmers surprise me with new products. With the wonderful climate of Tenerife it seems that almost any vegetable can be grown. It's good to have so much variety.”

Although there are sometimes new products they are not always used in the restaurant. “We test new products and if possible put them on the menu, but sometimes it just does not work. At other times, the product is not the best option for the current menu, or even not available long enough, or we can not get enough. Sometimes it's perfect and then we have a good dish.”

The market is not only for traders, but is open to the public. It also has other products.“Also we buy cheese and yogurt from local farmers. These are fantastic ingredients for many dishes, for example in the yogurt vinaigrette or the Tortellini de tres quesos with rocket and almond pesto, etc.. You can not compare with long-life products in supermarkets.”

These products are just perfect for our menu.

Other products at the market include bread, pastry, honey, and of course mojos to name a few.

There are farmer's markets throughout the island, where producers sell their own products. “In Los Roques we are lucky to have two very close. We buy in the market in San Miguel de Abona in Las Chafiras market and Granadilla de Abona in San Isidro. They have different things to offer. “

Here in Tenerife we ​​are lucky to live in a place with so much produce, and farmer's markets are an essential destination for lovers of good food.

The San Miguel market is near the fire station in Las Chafiras and is open 08:00 hasta las 14:00 Saturdays and Sundays, and 14:00 hasuntil:30 Wednesday.

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