What better wayto start your evening than with one of our classic cocktails?


Abbey Martini
A 1930 Classic American Cocktail, similar to the Bronx 6
(Gin, Martini Rosso, fresh orange juice)
Bacardi Cocktail
Another 1936 American classic, a perfectly balanced combination of sweet and sour 6
(Bacardi, fresh lime juice, grenadine)
Bellini Tini
Just Peachy 6
(Vodka, Fresh Peach Puree, dash of bitters)
Another way to enjoy Bourbon 6
(Bourbon, Dry Martini, Cointreau, Grenadine)
Bulls Blood
A dry yet fruity cocktail that is more orange than blood red 6
(Bacardi, Cognac, Gran Marnier and Fresh Orange Juice)
Modern 1980s cocktail made famous by the TV series “Sex and the City” 6
(Vodka, Cranberry Juice and Cointreau)
Diana’s Bitter
Made for those who love Campari but like it a bit stronger 6
(Gin, Campari, Fresh Lime Juice)
Dirty Martini
A Martini – just the way it should be, Dirty 6
(Gin, an Olive, very little vermouth)
Embassy Royal
Pleasantly herbal 7
(Bourbon, Deambuie, Martini Rosso, fresh orange juice)
Espresso Martini
Forget the Red Bull, this really will get you going 6
(Vodka, Espresso, Kahlua)
Flying Scotsman
Spicy Whisky 6
(J&B Whisky, Martini Rosso, dash of bitters)
Not just a Classic but probably one of the first ever Cocktails. Used onboard Naval Ships since 1750. Oh to be a Sailor! 6
(Gin, Roses Lime Cordial)
Grappa Manhattan
One of the First Grappa based Cocktails, watch this space 6
(Grappa, Martini Rosso, a Maraschino Cherry, dash of bitters)
Medinially spicy 6
(Gin, Dry Martini, Martini Rosso)
Dry Manhattan
A bone dry Manhattan with a good heritage. Created for Lady Churchill in 1874 6
(Bourbon, Dry Martini, dash of bitters)
Perfect Manhattan
A more subtle version of the drier classic 6
(Bourbon, Martini Rosso, Dry Martini, dash of bitters)
Sweet Manhattan
Perhaps the best Manhattan? 6
(Bourbon, Martini Rosso, Maraschino cherry, dash of bitters)
Magic Bus
A way-out bus trip! 6
(Tequilla, Cointreau, Cranberry Juice, Fresh Orange Juice)
New Yorker
Simple and Tasty, just like a New Yorker! 6
(Bourbon, Lime Juice, Grenadine)
Another 1920’s Cuban Classic 6
(Bacardi, Cointreau, Dry Martini, Grenadine)
Prince Charles
Sour but full of flavour 6
(Cognac, Drambuie, Lemon juice)
Vesper Martini
Shaken not stirred. 007’s signature drink. Of course really drunk by Ian Fleming 6
(Gin, Vodka, little vermouth)
Wet Martini
Supposedly a favourite of HRH Prince Charles 6
(Gin, some Dry Martini)
Well, different to gin! 6
(Vodka, very little vermouth)

Champagne / Cava Cocktails

Bubbly apples - not for the faint hearted 11/7
(Cognac, Calvados, Cointreau, Champagne/Cava)
A Spanish take on the 1934 Italian Classic from Harry’s Bar in Venice 11/7
(Peach Puree, Champagne/Cava)
Blue Champagne
Blue bubbles and rather too easy to drink 11/7
(Vodka, Cointreau, Blue Curaco, Champagne/Cava)
Buck’s Fizz
The 1921 classic from the Bucks Club in London 11/7
(Fresh orange juice, Champagne/Cava)
Champagne Cocktail
The classic Champagne Cocktail 11
(Cognac, bitters and Champagne)
Grand Mimosa
The original 1920’s cocktail from Gay Paris 11/7
(Fresh orange juice, Grand Marnier, Champagne/Cava)
So you like Anis? 11/7
(Pastis, Champagne/Cava)
Twisted Sobriety
Fizzy pears 11/7
(Cognac, Poire William, Champagne/Cava)

Other Tasty Concoctions

Bloody Mary
The best hangover cure in the world 6
(Vodka, Spices and Tomato Juice)
Bloody Maria
Not so good at curing hangovers but surprisingly good all the same 6
(Tequilla, spices and Tomato juice)
Long Island Iced Tea
The Famous and devastating American Prohibition drink 7
(Rum, Gin, Vodka, Tequilla, Cointreau)
Los Roques Sunset
A Tenerife original Long Cocktail 6
(Rum, Campari, Lemonade)
Rusty Nail
An old favourite 6
(Whisky, Drambuie)
Old Fashioned
An old Southern States Classic that makes Bourbon drinkable 6
(Bourbon, bitters)
Tequila Sunrise
Hey, sunshine! 6
(Tequila, grenadine, fresh orange juice)