Great food, great ambiance, great people...

Although the food is central to any restaurant, there is much more to the dining experience than the food alone. Craig, our Chef, provides us with the perfect centre piece around which to create the desired dining experience.

The Restaurant

Many of those who dine with us are on holiday, and so the ambiance should reflect a more relaxed attitude. As we're on the harbour-front, all tables have a calming view of the sea, with both its visual feast of action, and on the terrace, the soothing sound of the waves themselves.

Everything about the restaurant interior has been carefully designed to make your stay pleasurable. Using basic materials - wood, steel, concrete, stone and glass - we have created an environment which enhances your meal without detracting from it.

We have selected chairs from Spanish and Italian designers and commissioned steel and wood tables created by local craftsmen to complement them. Together these ensure that you are seated as comfortably as possible for your meal.

For our table service we chose Villeroy & Boch. The cutlery sits comfortably in your hand, the crockery provides a simple canvas for Craig's dishes and the blown glassware provides an elegant complement to any wine.

Within the restaurant we have unique art glass on display by North-West American artists, as well as soothing works by Ralph Kiggell and local Spanish artist Ildefonso Aguilar.

One of the largest and most expensive pieces of equipment in the restaurant is our reverse osmosis water filtration system, providing us with a 500 litre reserve of purified water. This purified water is used for all stages of food preparation, for making ice and drinks, and even for cleaning glasses, crockery and cutlery.

Out attention to detail has even been extended to the bathrooms, often a sadly neglected item in many restaurants.

And finally, the lighting has been carefully designed to highlight the artwork and the food on your plate whilst ensuring that there is never any glare.