Chef Craig GordonJefe
Restaurante Los Roques, Calle La Marina 16, Los Abrigos, Tenerife
tfn: +34 922 74 94 01 email:

Chef Craig Gordon is passionate about food. He has worked in restaurants the world over, most notably Boston, Paris and London. He has also travelled through India, learning different styles of food and ways of mixing spices.

Of his food, Craig says:

"I like to think of creating food the same way an artist thinks about painting; in the same way that an artist knows the colours and textures he wants to mix and can visualise the result before he puts brush to canvas, I can taste the flavours I want to use and even taste the result before I start to make anything.

"Cooking fascinates me. I love thinking of new ways to combine flavour, texture and colour. The Grilled Tandoori Rabbit on the current menu is an example of this. I love to mix traditional ideas and recipes in new ways, and combine this with other influences and ingredients to create a new experience for the diner."

Combining Mediterranean styles including Moroccan influences with classic French cuisine and a hint of his experiences in India, the food Craig creates is something truly unique.